SMC offer the best service in the area

SMC provides a professional service offering first-class advice and expertise at all times for domestic projects large and small

what makes us different

Service, Service, Service...

No matter how big or how small your job is we have the knowledge ,ability and the contacts to assist you with your project .

We take the upmost pride in providing you with the right products and we are renowned for offering a personal tailored service suitable to the needs of each and every customer thus helping you achieve your goal as efficiently as possible.

Whether you require a small truck for accessing tight sites, have a restricted area which demands arranging a pump, a boom or line pump we have the solution .

Even if needs must we will bear with you whilst you and your team unload your concrete by wheel barrows !

There are many ways to get concrete to your project and we will work with you in a timely manner to find the best solution for your convenience and cost.

Just speak to us and we will do all we can to help……and if we can’t we will find someone who can.

The reason why SMC offer the best service in the area is because we have vehicles sized appropriately for restricted access areas which are frequently encountered in the rural areas of Shropshire, allowing us to service a larger range of customers.

In the event that customers need their delivered concrete to areas that are out of reach, SMC also offer wheelbarrow on the truck so that the customer can wheelbarrow the concrete to their site.

See some examples of restricted access and wheelbarrowing jobs from the SMC team.

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