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Product Guide

The following mixes state the cement content per cubic meter...
basically the more cement - the stronger the mix!

SMC150 - This mix contains 150 kg of cement per cubic meter

This mix can be used for the footings of ornamental walls, to surround a septic tank, mass fill of a larger footing (if no mix is specified) or as a void fill.

SMC180 - This mix contains 180 kg of cement per cubic meter

This can be used for all of the previous applications and also for footings where ground conditions may not be so good. It can also be used for domestic internal floors, as well as domestic slab laying kerbing work and such like.

SMC200 - This mix contains 200 kg of cement per cubic meter

This can be used for all of the previous applications and also jobs like domestic pathways shed bases and patios.

SMC250 - This mix contains 250 kg of cement per cubic meter

This can be used for all of the previous applications and also jobs such as domestic garages, workshop floors in a domestic environment and more heavy duty pathways.

SMC300 - This mix contains 300 kg of cement per cubic meter

This can be used for all the previous applications but would be an over kill on most and make a job more expensive than it needs to be.

This mix would be ideal for a driveway for domestic properties or lightweight commercial vehicles. In some areas where ground conditions are poor a mix of this strength may be stipulated by building control (it would be given another name but the end strength result would be the same).

SMC350 - This mix contains 350 kg of cement per cubic meter

This is getting towards the high end of applications now. Structural footings containing steel reinforcement may require this. Haulage yards and commercial car parks, workshops and garages where larger vehicles and heavy traffic may be used.

Due to the high cement content you will also have less working time to place the concrete as it will start to set quicker so please ensure you have the right tools and enough man power to handle the concrete to enable you to complete your task successfully.

SMC400 - This mix contains 400 kg of cement per cubic meter

I think you are beginning to understand the principles now and how the strength of concrete relates to the job you are doing. With another 50kg of cement per cubic meter a 400 is almost at the top of the strength availability in the majority of cases.

To get higher strengths the gravel in the concrete would have to be switched with a granite product as the gravel in normal concrete would fail before the actual structure of the cement itself. Granite is harder than gravel so has a higher crushing strength.

SMC Rapid Set - We can offer the SMC Rapid Set product

This is a mix whereby we combine an additive to the SMC400 mix, this would give ‘as it says on the tin’ a rapid set time.

Normal concrete takes 28 days to reach its maximum strength, although it may be fit for purpose before the 28 days… still continues to harden. In some cases however, there is not the downtime to allow the concrete to reach its ultimate strength, such as factory entrances or any area that has minimised downtime from traffic.

With SMC Rapid Set, in the correct weather conditions 28 day strength can be achieved in approximately 24-36 hours.


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