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Concrete for Garden & Landscaping applications

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Garden landscaping is a perfect way to enhance the beauty of your home and add instant value to your property. With a range of applications, concrete is the perfect building material for any landscaping project.

Concrete is highly durable and can be used to make garden paths, retaining walls , bases and a host of other landscaping features. You can get expert advice and all the desired ready mix. concrete you will need for your garden landscaping project from the team at SMC mini mix.

Patios and bases for sheds, summerhouses and hot tubs–

If you are planning on laying a patio or extending an existing patio first of all the preparation is vital.

Clear the area and excavate down to 200 mm from the planned finished level.If you need to install drainage at all this is the time to do so.

Once drainage is installed the whole area that is planned to be concreted needs to be filled 100 mm of hardcore and then compacted to give a firm base, this can be done with a wacker plate that can be hired from most local hire shops.This will ensure any soft spots in the ground are refilled and compacted to an even level.

You then place 100mm shuttering around the outside of the area to be concreted, this will form the size and shape of the finished concreted area.

You must ensure the shuttering is supported on the outside of the area with support pegs that will stop the shuttering pushing out when the weight of concrete is poured in to the inside of the shuttering and retain the exact shape of the finished patio area.

As you fill the area with concrete you need a length of straight material (can be wood or metal) that is 200-300mm (or more) longer than the area you are laying so you can rest this on the opposite edges of the shuttering and with a downwards pressure slide backwards and forwards whilst pulling the straight edge forwards.

This will drag any concrete that has been placed higher than the shuttering into place and in line with the level of the patio area you wish to have.  Keep repeating this process until the concrete area is full , level and smooth.If left in direct sunlight make sure the surface is kept damp to ensure the surface does not dry out and crack before the concrete itself cures.This can be done with a very fine spray setting on a hosepipe attachment, be sure not to have it too heavy a spray  may effect the surface finish of the concrete.

Top Tips :

  • Patio SMC 200
  • Shed/summerhouse base SMC 200
  • Hot tub base SMC 250

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