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These strengths are normally strong due to the acidic nature of animal waste which eats away at concrete.

These are normally dryer mixes due to the application required.

These mixes can be dry or wet depending on the style of application. Either kerbs can be laid on a dry bed or a shuttered kerb brace where by concrete is poured in to a preformed channel.

It is imperative that you tell us which way you are doing this as bringing a wet mix to you when you want dry mix is irreversible.

These strengths are normally an RC35 mix or stronger due to the heavy vehicles and tyre scrub that would be inevitable in such areas.

We can also supply a microsilica mix that is a rapid set mix whereby a 28 day strength can be reached within 48 hours allowing traffic to use areas that have restricted shut down periods.

Due to the fact any size vehicle can use a car park we would apply the same thought process to carpark application as we would to Haulage yards.

Commercial concrete products

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