Delivering ready mix concrete for over 30 years

SMC can supply a wide range of concrete to projects of all types and sizes through our fleet of vehicles

Highest quality builds with SMC Mini-mix Concrete

We provide a professional service offering first-class advice and expertise

Specialising in small ready mix concrete loads of 0.5m to 4 cubic metres

We've worked with clients from an array of industries with a range of requirements

Decades of experience delivering high-quality ready-mix concrete to our clients

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Ready Mixed Concrete

SMC has been supplying concrete in and around Shropshire for over 30 years.

We pride ourselves in delivering a first class product on time with a helpful and personal service.

We have a range of mixes which will cover all of your requirements, please view our mix range where technical terms have been simplified for all to understand.

We have smaller mixers carrying a load size from 1 cubic metre to a maximum of 4 cubic metres in 1/4 metre increments. Although smaller, we have lots of them so however big the project is we can handle it!

The benefit of smaller trucks, they weigh less and can get into tighter spaces, not everyone’s driveways or properties can accommodate large lorries and the weight they bring with them!

If you over order, it is not a problem… as long as the concrete hasn’t left the lorry we can take away the remainder with no disposal charge to you, the customer.

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