we don’t
dump it & run

our team are 
reliable & helpful

with over 8 trucks,
we deliver
same day
often within a
couple of hours
of ordering

ready mix
concrete for
over 25 years

you can be sure of
expert advice

we cover a
25 mile radius

of our Shropshire &
Staffordshire plants

from small
domestic to large
commercial projects
we can provide
any mix to
suit your


Concrete Product Guide

SMC can supply a wide range of concretes to projects of all types and sizes through our fleet of small vehicles. We have access to many innovative mixes such as self-placing, fibre-reinforced, pattern-imprinted, coloured, foamed, and high strength mixes. All our products are backed by an internationally renowned company, whose development arm is the envy of the industry.

Each mix is specifically designed to do the job you want it to do, whether it be a simple footing, or a highly trafficked area with minimum shutdown. So if you are unsure of what you need, please contact us, and we will advise you on what concrete you need to complete you project. All products are quality assured through membership of the Quality Scheme for Readymixed Concrete.

We have listed a few general mixes which cover many applications, but if your project is not listed here, or if you are unsure of your needs please contact your local Readymixdirect supplier.


Kerb bedding & backing GEN 0
Drainage works to give immediate support in Class 1 soils GEN 3
Other drainage works Class 1 soils GEN 3
Oversite below suspended slabs in Class 1 soils GEN 1


Garage and house floors with no embedded metal GEN 3
Wearing surface : light foot/trolley RC 30
Wearing surface : general industrial RC 40
Wearing surface : heavy industrial RC 50


House drives, domestic parking and external paving PAV 1 (1)
Heavy duty external paving PAV 2 (1)

Other Applications

Reinforced / prestressed concrete mild exposure RC 30
Reinforced / prestressed concrete moderate exposure RC 35
Reinforced / prestressed concrete severe exposure RC 40
Reinforced / prestressed concrete severe/most severe exposure RC 45
Reinforced / prestressed concrete most severe exposure RC 50


Blinding and mass concrete fill GEN 1
Strip footings (Class 1) GEN 3
Mass concrete foundations (non-aggressive soils Class 1) GEN 3
Trench fill foundation (Class 1) GEN 3
Reinforced conditions (Class 1) RC 35
Foundations in Class 2 conditions FND 2
Foundations in Class 3 conditions FND 3
Foundations in Class 4 conditions FND 4

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